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12,000-year-old village discovered in Israel

A prehistoric village dating back 12,000 years has been unearthed in the Jordan Valley. A series of excavations on site revealed an abundance of findings, including human burial remains, flint tools, art manifestations, faunal assemblage, ground stone and bone tools. The excavated area revealed an extensive habitation with deep cultural deposits

New archaeological preserve saves megaliths from destruction

A new archaeological preserve has been formed in the Jordan Valley, sparing hundreds of millennial tombs from being destroyed by construction. According to the Department of Antiquities (DoA), a new protected area has been declared in the Damiya dolmen fields, an area home to hundreds of megalithic structures dating

5,000-year-old artifact links ancient Egypt and Jordan Valley

A stone fragment found in the Jordan River suggests that ties between the ancient Egyptians and the people of the Jordan Valley were stronger than previously thought. [Updated with photo, thx to Stephen] Although Egyptian-Israeli relations have been frosty in recent years, ties between the two lands were vibrant around 3,000