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Hellenistic temple found in Jordan

A Hellenistic temple has been found in Umm Qais, 75 miles north of Amman. The temple dates from the Hellenistic era (332 BC to 63 BC) and was later reused during the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras, Sheyyab said. The temple, built following the Greek architectural design of “Distyle in Antis”, consists

Early Islamic house found in Jordan

The remains of an Islamic period house has been found in the city of Jerash in Jordan. The ancient house was likely undergoing a remodel when, on Jan. 18, 749, the massive earthquake struck Jerash, located in what is now Jordan, the researchers of a new study found. Before the earthquake, artisans

Ancient industrial pollution found in riverbed

Analysis of a dry riverbed in Jordan as revealed 7,000-year-old pollution causes by copper smelting. The discovery highlights the point in time when humans started to make tools out of metal rather than stone, University of Waterloo anthropology professor Russell Adams said. "These populations were experimenting with fire, experimenting with pottery and

Statues of Aphrodite found in Jordan

Two marble statues depicting the goddess Aphrodite have been found at Petra in Jordan. The statues, which date to the second century A.D., are nearly intact and are remarkably well preserved, retaining traces of the paint applied to them centuries ago. They were discovered by archaeologists and graduate students from the

Monumental structure found via satellite at Petra

High-resolution satellite imagery of the ancient site of Petra in Jordan has revealed traces of a previously unknown monument. The newly revealed structure consists of a 184-by-161-foot (about 56-by-49-meter) platform that encloses a slightly smaller platform originally paved with flagstones. The east side of the interior platform had been lined with

Drones used to monitor looted Bronze Age sites in Jordan

UAVs are being used to monitor the rate of ongoing site damage at Bronze Age sites in Jordan. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles -- drones -- to document and monitor a ravaged landscape on the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan for the past three years reveals that looting continues at

70 skeletal remains found at 9,000-year-old farming site

The remains of more than 70 individuals have been found at the 9,000-year-old farming site of Shk?rat Msaied in Jordan. “It is interesting there are an unusually large number of children buried, ranging from small babies to adolescents,” said Kinzel. “There seems to have been a strong tendency to bury children

Remains of early farmers found in Jordan

The 14,000-year-old remains of an adult and child have been found in Jordan's Black Desert and are providing clues to how human's first made the leap to agriculture in the area. By analysing bones, seeds and other remains scientists hope to discover that in this area, 14.000 years ago, humans began