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Two Maya cities found in the Yucatan

The remains of two Maya cities have been found in the Yucatan jungle. A monster mouth doorway, ruined pyramid temples and palace remains emerged from the Mexican jungle as archaeologists unearthed two ancient Mayan cities. Found in the southeastern part of the Mexican state of Campeche, in the heart of the Yucatan

20 million people may have once inhabited the Amazon rainforest

Archaeologists have found evidence that the Amazon rainforest was home to an advanced civilization with as many as 20 million individuals living amoungst the jungle. To the untrained eye, all evidence here in the heart of the Amazon signals virgin forest, untouched by man for time immemorial - from the

Lost Amazon complex found

Hundreds of geometric shapes once hidden by the jungle have been found, hinting at an ancient society that flourished in the Amazon. Now researchers estimate that nearly ten times as many such structures—of unknown purpose—may exist undetected under the Amazon's forest cover. At least one of the sites has been dated to

Deforestation uncovers unknown ancient Amazon civilization

Deforestation in the Amazonian jungle has uncovered the remnants of a previously unknown civilization. The traditional view is that before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese in the 15th century there were no complex societies in the Amazon basin – in contrast to the Andes further west where the Incas