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1300 edition of the Magna Carta found

An edition of the Magna Carta produced in 1300 and worth more than $15 million has been found in an archive in Kent, England. “It is a fantastic piece of news for Sandwich which puts it in a small category of towns and institutions that own a 1300 issue.” Vincent said the

Neolithic henge found in North Kent

A Neolithic henge dating back 6,000 years has been found in an area set to be developed in North Kent, England. Archaeologists suspect a “sacred way” could have led to a henge 6,000 years ago at Iwade Meadows, to the west of the Kent industrial town of Sittingbourne. Positioned on a north-west

Prehistoric elephant remains found; butchered by early humans

The remains of an elephant has been found in Kent, England, along with flint tools used by early humans to butcher the animal. Since the excavation, which took place in 2004, Francis has been carrying out a detailed analysis of evidence recovered from the site, including 80 undisturbed flint artefacts found

Anglo-Saxon feasting hall uncovered beneath village green

A 1,300-year-old Anglo-Saxon feasting hall has been uncovered inches beneath the village green at Lyminge in Kent, England. At 69 feet by 28 feet, the hall would have been an impressive structure with room for at least 60 people. Animals bones which were found buried in pits near the edge of the

Roman curse tablet found in England

A Roman curse tablet containing 14 names has been unearthed in Kent, England. Only six of the 14 names are legible. The Roman names of Sacratus, Constitutus, Constan and Memorianus can be seen. There are also two Celtic names - Atrectus and Atidenus - written on the tablet. Dr Tomlin said the eight

Prehistoric teen’s remains found in newly discovered henge

The remains of a wealthy teenage girl have been found in what is believed to be a newly discovered henge in Kent, England. The discovery of the 17-year-old's grave -- along with a unique prehistoric pot inside of a ringed ditch near two other women -- strengthens the idea that important

Remains of girl murdered by Roman soldiers found

The remains of a girl stabbed in the head by a Roman sword has been found in Kent, England. Dr Wilkinson said that she had been between 16 and 20 years old when she was killed, and her bones suggested that she had been in good health. He also believes the body

7th century iron plough unearthed in Kent, England

Part of an Anglo-Saxon iron plough from the 7th century has been found in Kent, England. Dr Gabor Thomas and his team have found a 7th Century iron plough coulter during excavations at Lyminge, Kent. A coulter is a vertical soil slicer mounted like a knife to cut through the soil ahead