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Petroglyphs scrubbed of graffiti damaged permanently

Vandalized petroglpyhs have been scrubbed of the graffiti which covered them, but unfortunately they have been permanently damaged. The paint damage was discovered on a wall of petroglyphs in a box canyon called Keyhole Sink near Williams. The Kaibab National Forest hired a conservator to help repair the panel

Vandal paints over ancient petroglyph

A vandal in Arizona has painted graffiti over a petroglyph which had stood unaltered for over 1,000 years. The preserved cultural record in Keyhole Sink in northern Arizona's Kaibab National Forest contained etchings depicting people, animals and a blazing sun -- an archaeological treasure which was defaced when someone painted

Rock art vandalized in Keyhole Sink

Morons have defaced the ancient petroglyphs carved into the rock at Keyhole Sink in Kaibab National Forest. Petroglyphs at the site date back at least a thousand years. The site remains open to the public so that people can learn about the history of the area and enjoy the unique