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1,800-year-old kiln found in England

A kiln dating back 1,800 years has been found in the Roman town of Verulamiium in southeastern England. The burnt remains of a 1,800-year-old kiln, use to create pottery, have been unearthed at Verulamium after essential work began to re-lay a gas pipe, giving archaeologists the opportunity to dig deep underground. The

Medieval kiln unearthed in England

A rare medieval pottery kiln has been found in southeastern England. The kiln would have been stoked by wood from nearby trees to produce water pots, for example. Mr Crummy said while about 40 Roman kilns had been found around Colchester this one, which is well preserved, is a rare find in

Medieval kiln uncovered in Nottingham

Pottery, glass, and a brick kiln have been found at a construction site in Nottingham, England. Long before pharmaceuticals and cigarettes, bicycles and lace, Nottingham was renowned as a centre for pottery. And not just in England, for the town's distinctive green glazed crockery was exported around Europe. Items of pottery, glass

Rock-cut kiln found in northern Israel

A Roman-era workshop, complete with rare rock0cut kiln, has been found in northern Israel. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that excavations in Shlomi, a town near the Lebanon border, have revealed a ceramic factory where storage jars and vessels for wine and oil would have been made 1,600 years ago. Archaeologists

Angkor-era kiln found in Cambodia

Archaeologists working in Cambodia are excavating a kiln site located near Cheung Ek Lake. Fewer than 10 of the kiln sites, which were constructed on large manmade mounds, remain undisturbed, Mr. Kaseka said, giving his three-week, National Geographic Society-funded dig additional urgency. Mr. Kaseka’s dig is “incredibly timely given the ongoing economic

Roman kilns uncovered in Bulgaria

Four Roman kilns dating back to the 2nd-3rd centuries A.D. have been found in northern Bulgaria. A total of four ovens, or furnaces, for baking pottery and an ancient water well have been discovered by the three teams of archaeologists working on the rescue excavations in the northern Bulgarian town of

1,200-year-old dragon kiln found in China

Archaeologists working in China have unearthed a long dragon kiln which dates back 1,200 years. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) kiln is 78.8 meters long and is the longest ever found from that period, according to Xu Changqing, head of Jiangxi cultural relics and archaeological institute. The kiln, in the ruins of Nanyao

Decapitated warrior and pre-Hispanic kiln found in Mexico

A pre-Hispanic kiln used for ceramic production and the grave of a decapitated warrior dating back between 350-600 A.D. has been found during excavations in southern Mexico. “In this area we found a funerary cist with an individual accompanied by very expensive furnishings. His getup consisted of earflaps and a green