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Arthurian mound to be surveyed near Stirling Castle

A circular earthen mound linked to the legend of King Arthur's round table is set to be surveyed near Sitrling Castle in Scotland. “People have told stories about the King’s Knot for hundreds of years and it has become linked with all sorts of ideas. But its origins remain mysterious. “The area

14th century King Arthur manuscript to be sold

A 14th century manuscript, containing the oldest surving account of the legends of King Arthur, is expected to bring in more than $3 million when it hits the auction block next month. More than 200 cows would have been needed to produce the vellum sheets for the three hefty volumes

Location of King Arthur’s Round table found

Historians believe they have found the location of King Arthur's famous Round Table, and that it isn't a table at all, but rather a Roman amphitheatre. The experts believe that Camelot could in fact have been Chester Amphitheatre, a huge stone-and-wood structure capable of holding up to 10,000 people. They

New book claims King Arthur was a “genocidal warlord”

According to a new book, The Celtic Revolution by Dr. Simon Young, King Arthur was a "genocidal warlord whose deeds would have been the stuff of Nuremburg trials today". "He almost certainly was a historical figure and there are three or four major candidates. Warlords in the fifth and sixth centuries