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Who is buried in King Herod’s tomb?

A tomb found in 2007 that was attributed to King Herod may not belong to him after all. Some believe the tomb is too modest to have belonged to him. The rather modest structure is too small for the master builder to have envisioned for himself, and the poor planning and

Ancient coins found underneath Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Coins dating back to just after the death of King Herod have been found under the Western Wall in Jerusalem. For centuries, many thought the wall was built by King Herod - also infamous, in the Christian tradition, for his efforts to hunt down the baby Jesus in the original Christmas

Archaeologist who found Herod’s tomb dies on dig

Ehud Netzer, the archaeologist credited with discovering King Herod's tomb, has died after falling on a dig site. The Hebrew University professor died on Thursday from injuries sustained when a railing gave way at the Herodium archaeological site in the West Bank.Prof Netzer had worked at the Herodium site for

King Herod’s royal theatre box found

King Herod's royal theatre box has been uncovered at Herodium. A royal box built at the upper level of King Herod's private theater at Herodium has been fully unveiled in recent excavations at the archaeological site, providing a further indication of the luxurious lifestyle favored by the well-known Jewish monarch,

Finding King Herod’s tomb

After a 35-year search, an Israeli archaeologist believes he has found King Herod's final resting place. But where precisely was the king entombed? At the summit of Herodium? At the base? Inside the mountain itself? Josephus didn't say. By the late 1800s, Herod's tomb had become one of biblical archaeology's most