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“Templar Stone” found to predate Templars

“Templar Stone” found to predate Medieval Templars

“Templar Stone” found to predate TemplarsA stone long believed to be a medieval artifact associated with the Templar Knights has been revealed to be older, cooler and to bear no relation to the military order of monks. The stone is one three long burial slabs with faint carvings on the

Crucifixion nail found with Templar bodies

A nail dating from the time of Christ's crucifixion has been found off the coast of Madeira, alongside the bodies of three Templar knights. Bryn Walters, an archaeologist, said the iron nail's remarkable condition suggested it had been handed with extreme care, as if it was a relic. "It

Templar gravestone found with mysterious markings

Two gravestones, one carved with mysterious markings, has been found at the former medieval stronghold of the Knights Templar. The ancient stones were unearthed under a gateway leading from a ruined medieval church to the adjoining manse in the village of Temple, Midlothian. One, believed to be of 10th-century origin, is