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3,000-year-old knife unearthed in Denmark

A 3,000-year-old flint knife, complete with wooden handle, has been uncovered in Denmark. While Stone Age flint knives are a somewhat common find, finding a flint knife with a wooden handle, an improvement that first appeared in the Bronze Age (which fizzled out in about 1200 BC), has never happened before. "A

Examination of sacrificial knives turns up human blood and tissue

Researchers in Mexico have confirmed that a set of 2,000-year-old obsidian blades were used to perform human sacrifices. Researchers in Mexico had noticed what they believed were fossilized blood stains on stone knives as long as 20 years ago. But the institute said it took a methodical examination using a scanning

The world’s oldest disposable cutlery

Archaeologists working in a cave near Tel Aviv have found the world's oldest known disposable knives. Dating to the Stone Age, the tiny knives are believed to be at least 200,000 years old. A Tel Aviv University excavation team found the tools around a fireplace littered with charred animal bones.