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Tuskegee Airman’s plane wreckage found in Lake Huron

The wreckage of a P-39 fighter plan flown by one of the Tuskegee Airmen has been found at the bottom of Lake Huron. "I literally underwater got tears in my eyes," said Jay Haigler, a member from Washington, D.C., describing his reaction to seeing the remnants of the plane resting on

Prehistoric hunting blinds found at bottom of Lake Huron

9,000-year-old stone hunting blinds have been found preserved at the bottom of Lake Huron. In 37 metres of water, just over 50 kilometres from shore, O'Shea was looking at two stone lines forming a lane about 30 metres long and eight metres wide which ended in a corral-type structure. It had

8,900-year-old wooden pole found at bottom of lake

That title sounds pretty boring, but the real story is actually kind of interesting! An ancient pole has been found at the bottom of Lake Huron that may shed some like on a mysterious perhistoric period of North American history. Research divers from the University of Michigan discovered a 5 1/2-foot-long,

Searching the bottom of Lake Huron for prehistoric hunters

Archaeologists are searching the bottom of Lake Huron for evidence of 10,000-year-old caribou-hunters. Now under about 35 metres of water, the Lake Huron ridge was once a 16-km-wide upland corridor in a lake-dotted landscape that linked caribou wintering grounds in the south to their summer ranges in present-day Northern Ontario and

9,000 year-old evidence Of human activity found beneath Lake Huron

A hundred feet below the surface of Lake Huron, on a wide ridge that was a land bridge 9,000 years ago, researchers have found the first evidence of human activity preserved beneath the Great Lakes. The researchers located what they believe to be caribou-hunting structures and camps used by the early