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Odd Roman pot found in Switzerland

A Roman cooking pot filled with oil lamps, each containing a coin, has been found at the site of Vindonissa in Switzerland. “What astonished us was the quantity and the combination of coins and lamps,” said Aargau cantonal archaeologist Georg Matter. “We suspect this is a ritual burial,” he said, but stressed

Lifeguard finds medieval oil lamp while out jogging

A lifeguard going for a run on a beach at Tel Ashkelon National Park in Israel has found a clay oil lamp eroding out of a coastal cliff. “Suddenly, I saw part of a cliff deteriorating,” he said. “So I made my up way there and saw this intriguing oil lamp

Byzantine garbage pit unearthed in Israel

A Byzantine-era garbage pit, containing a collection of lamps, coins and gold artifacts, has been unearthed north of Tel Aviv. “In the midst of the many sherds that were discovered in the big refuse pit was a large amount of usable artifacts, whose presence in the pit raises questions. Among other

Treasure trove of artifacts found near Greek island

A trove of artifacts has been found near the Greek island of Skiathos, including the remains of an old port, a Venetian fortress, an ancient breakwater and Byzantine jetty, various pottery and lamps, and even a few shipwrecks. Underwater explorations from May 14 though 25 near Skiathos island resulted in a

Artifacts found during Byzantine temple excavation in Syria

A number of clay lamps and glass kohl jars have been uncovered during an excavation to uncover a temple dedicated to the god Mithras. A big part of the temple was uncovered, particularly the altar and the main hall. The walls of the main hall bear frescos depicting Mithras and other