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1,600-year-old frescoes undergo cleaning by laser

The 1,600-year-old frescoes in the Catacomb of St. Domitilla have been cleaned using laser technology. Laser instruments were used to burn away the dirt and deposits, leaving only the rich colours of the frescoes beneath. “When we started work, you couldn’t see anything – it was totally black. Different wavelengths and chromatic

Aerial surveys uncover ancient structures in Poland

Airborne laser scans have revealed ancient barrows and fields in the Bialowieza Forest in Poland. Researchers from the Institute of Archaeology of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszy?ski University in Warsaw focused on the study of both the area of the Bialowieza National Park and the adjacent area from the north-west. This is

Laser-scanning prehistoric art

Researchers working in the French Alps have employed the use of laser-scanning technology to create virtual models of ancient rock art in the area. The fortuitous discovery of the shelter, which sits 2,133m above sea level, revealed prehistoric rock paintings known to be the highest painted representations of animals in Europe. Now,

Cleopatra’s Needle to undergo laser cleaning

The 3,500-year-old "Cleopatra's Needle" in New York is set to be cleaned by lasers. Stabilization and cleaning of the 3,500-year-old Obelisk, situated right behind the Met, starts this week, and is part of an effort to "promote its long term preservation and enhance the public’s understanding of the ancient artifact." Working

Stonehenge undergoes digital laser scan

A team of researchers working at Stonehenge in England have giving the prehistoric stone circle a digital laser scan, revealing some interesting secrets. Like any corner-cutting modern builder, the ancient stonemasons who built Stonehenge lavished the most work and best materials where they would be first seen –shining in the last

3D laser scans of medieval dungeons and tunnels

I thought this was really cool. Nottingham Caves Survey has scanned medieval tunnels and dungeons using a special 3D laser scanner as part of preservation efforts. The pictures were created as part of the ongoing Nottingham Caves Survey, which began in March and intends to use the scans to help

Orkney Neolithic sites scanned in 3D

Laser scanners are being employed on Orkney to 3D-scan some of the islands historical landmarks. The Heart of Neolithic Orkney is made up of the tomb of Maeshowe, the Stones of Stenness, the Barnhouse Stone, the Watch Stone, the Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae. The recording process will involve