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3,500-year-old toilet found in Vietnam

A latrine, complete with human and dog feces, has been found at Rach Nui in Vietnam. Archaeologists have found what is believed to be Vietnam's earliest latrine during the excavation of a neolithic village in the country's south. More than 30 preserved faeces from humans and dogs containing fish and shattered animal

Smelly 18th centry latrines unearthed in Copenhagen

Two 300-year-old latrines have been unearthed underneath Kultorvet Square in Copenhagen, and apparently they still smell! ”Well, it smells like rotten eggs,” archaeologist and excavation expert Hoda El-Sharnouby told Politiken newspaper. El-Sharnouby’s team made the stinky but stunning find which includes two outhouses filled with nearly 300-year-old faeces. The privies and their