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Bullet may have been fired by Lawrence of Arabia

Archaeologists believe they may have found a bullet that was fired by Lawrence of Arabia at the site of the 1917 Hallat Ammar train ambush. Dr Neil Faulkner said: “Lawrence has something of a reputation as a teller of tall tales, but this bullet – and the other archaeological evidence we

Artifacts found at Lawrence of Arabia campsite

Two tobacco tins and some other artifacts have been found at a campsite used by Lawrence of Arabia's army during the 1916-1918 Great Arab Revolt. The tins were discovered by archaeologists who have been surveying the Arab army site in Wuheida, southern Jordan, since it was discovered in November. They

Lawrence of Arabia letters discovered

A collection of letters from Lawrence of Arabia has been discovered after they were thought to have been burned on a fire. The letters came from the collection of the late Sir Michael Newton, but were lost and it was assumed they had been burned on a fire along with his