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Site of 6th Roman Legion found in Israel

Archaeologists working in Israel have uncovered the 1,800-year-old base of the 6th Roman Legion. Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Yotam Tepper had long suspected that the site in the Galilee was the base of the Legio Sexta Ferrata, the 6th Roman Legion, also known as the Ironclad Legion. The other legion in

Construction work in Bulgaria breaks into Roman tomb

Construction work in Bulgaria accidentally broke into a 2nd century tomb built for veterans of Rome's 8th legion of Augustus. According to archaeologists, the graves are those of veterans of the eighth legion of Augustus. They are in the western part of the ancient Roman colony of Deultum, according to a

Rome’s missing Ninth Legion

The disappearance of Rome's Ninth Legion has always been a captivating mystery. With the release of the new film The Eagle, the BBC has decided to clarify what is actually known about the vanishing troops. The British problem was of deep concern to Roman central government. Thanks to a tombstone recovered