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Mummified legs may belong to Queen Nefertari

A pair of mummified legs housed in the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy, may have belonged to Queen Nefertari who ruled Egypt between 1920-1224 B.C. A pair of unimpressive mummified legs on display in an Italian museum may belong to one of antiquity's most beautiful women, according to an international team

Legendary Medici warrior died of gangrene

Giovanni de' Medici, the legendary 16th century army commander, did not die from an improperly amputated leg, as was previously thought, but rather due to gangrene after being hit in the right leg by a cannonball. As the ball crashed the right leg above the knee, the condottiero was taken to

Legs of Iron Age woman found in bog

The legs of a human sacrificial victim have been recovered from a bog in Ireland. Initial examinations of the prehistoric remains suggest the victim may have been a human sacrifice between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago. The National Museum of Ireland said the victim’s legs were well preserved but that the