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4th-century A.D. mosaic floor found in Leicester

A 1,500-year-old Roman mosaic floor has been discovered in Leicester's city centre. "It's been a long time since we've found a large, well-preserved mosaic in Leicester "Stylistically, we believe it dates to the early fourth century AD. It would have originally been in a square room in the house. "It has a thick

Roman belt buckle found in Leicester

A Roman belt buckle has been found in a burial excavated from a Late Roman cemetery in Leicester, England. Nick Cooper, Post-Excavation Manager at ULAS, said: "The survival of the delicate thin sheet bronze belt plate is remarkable. "It is cast in the so-called 'chip-carved' style decorated with interlocking spirals and would

Richard III’s remains to be reburied in Leicester

British judges have ruled that the remains of King Richard III, found under a car park in 2012, will be reburied in Leicester. "It is time for Richard III to be given a dignified reburial, and finally laid to rest," the judges said in their ruling. The decision was greeted by applause

Iron Age mint found in England

An Iron Age mint has been unearthed in Leicester, England. Archaeologists believe the Blackfriars site could have produced some of the 5,000 silver and gold coins found in 2000, near the Leicestershire village of Hallaton. Senior project manager Nick Daffern said: "We've got over 20 coin moulds, which at an urban site

Ancient Roman cemetery found beneath parking lot

A 1,700-year-old Roman cemetery has been found beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England. The new discovery, found at the junction of Newarke and Oxford Streets, includes numerous burials and skeletal remains from 13 individuals, both male and female of various ages. The cemetery is estimated to date back to around

DNA tests on possible remains of Richard III due in the new year

Researchers are eagerly awaiting the results of DNA tests carried out on a skeleton found underneath a car park in Leicester in hopes that it will prove if they belong to King Richard III, the last king of the House of York. Hopes were not high about identifying anything much. But

Is King Richard III’s final resting place underneath a car park?

Archaeologists believe they have located the final resting place of King Richard III - underneath a council car park in Leicester, England. Historical records show that Richard III was buried in the church of a Franciscan friary in Leicester shortly after his defeat and death at the hands of Henry Tudor's

Liquid sugar used to preserve medieval bridges

Scientists in Leicester, England, have used 70 tons of liquid sugar to preserve the remains of three medieval bridges. Experts from the University of Leicester immersed the 11th century bridges – whose ruins were so heavy they had to be carried in sections by eight-man teams – in tanks of sugar