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Historic artifacts found at Bradgate Park

Artifacts spanning thousands of years of history have been uncovered by archaeology students working in Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire, England. He said: "We have Paleolithic flints, a piece of Roman pot, a medieval building, possible a hunting or keeper's lodge, and a toy gun, which could be form the 1960s, in

Celtic chariot fittings found at Iron Age fort

Celtic chariot fittings dating back to the Iron Age have been found at a hillfort in Leicestershire. After cleaning, decorative patterns became visible in the metalwork – including a triskele motif showing three waving lines, similar to the flag of the Isle of Man. It is thought the chariot would have

Iron Age skeleton found in Leicestershire

Archaeologists working in Leicestershire, England, have uncovered Iron Age human remains. He believes the remains, found at Burrough on the Hill, could have belonged to an important young man who lived 200 years before the Romans arrived in Britain. Dr Taylor added it was unsual from them to come across an ancient

Mesolithic flint weapons found in Leicestershire, England

Excavations at a Prehistoric site in Leicestershire, England have turned up a large number of flint tools and flakes. Over 5000 worked flints came from this small area, including flint cores used for tool creation, blades, flakes and 'debitage' (small chips from tool-working), and scrapers, piercers and microlith tools with the latter

Stone Age weapons factory found in England

Archaeologists in Leicestershire have discovered an 8,000-year-old weapons factory. Archaeologist Wayne Jarvis, who has led the dig, said: "What we've collected are a large number of very early flint artefacts. It's an incredibly rare find. "We know from the shape of the flints that they are from the mesolithic period – about