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Leprosy found in 1,500-year-old skeleton

A new study carried out on 1,500-year-old remains found in eastern England have confirmed that the main suffered from leprosy. The bones of the man, probably in his 20s, show changes consistent with leprosy, such as narrowing of the toe bones and damage to the joints, suggesting a very early British

Medieval skeletons shed light on leprosy

DNA analysis carried out on the remains of five medieval skeletons have revealed that one type of leprosy found in Europe 1,000 years ago exists in the Middle East today. The DNA comparison showed that one type of leprosy found in Europe 1,000 years ago is the same as one present

Bone of leprous warrior found in medieval cemetery

The bones of a slain warrior suffering from leprosy have been uncovered in a medieval Italian cemetery. Studying ancient leprosy, which is caused by a bacterial infection, may help scientists figure out how the infectious disease evolved. The find also reveals the warlike ways of the semi-nomadic people who lived in the

2,000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem contains first known case of leprosy

A first-century tomb found near the Old City in Jerusalem contains the first known case of leprosy. The man was buried in a shroud made up of a simple two-way weave, which is nothing like the complex weave of the Turin shroud, making it further evidence that it is a

Oldest Evidence Of Leprosy Found In India

A 4000-year-old skeleton from India bears evidence of leprosy, making it the earliest archaeological evidence of the disease in the world. As infectious diseases go, leprosy is still one of the least well-understood, in part because the Mycobacterium is difficult to culture for research and it has only one other animal