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17th-century shopping list found at English country house

A shopping list from the 17th century has been found under the floorboards of a historic country house in England. The shopping list, written by Robert Draper in 1633, asks a Mr Bilby to provide a fire shovel as well as "some greenfish", or in other words cod, before it has

Robert the Bruce letter discovered

A previously unknown letter written by Robert the Bruce to King Edward II has been uncovered. The letter, sent in 1310, asks English King Edward II to stop persecuting the Scots. It shows Robert asserting his God-given authority as king of the Scots and addressing Edward as his equal. The script, thought to

Unknown Voltaire letters uncovered

An academic in Oxford has discovered 14 previously unknown letters written by the famous writer Voltaire. They include a signed acceptance from the 18th Century writer for a £200 grant from the Royal Family. The writer abandoned the French spelling of his first name, Francois, styling himself "Francis". Professor Nicholas Cronk says Voltaire

WWII letter found in Louis XV desk at Versailles

Staff members working at the Palace of Versailles in France have found a letter written during the Nazi-occupation of the country inside a Louis XV desk. The letter, released this week by the chateau, details restoration work on the desk during the war. The restorer says he wrote the note after

Frederic Chopin’s long-lost letters

Six "lost" letters written by famous composer Frederic Chopin have been found. The letters, written by Chopin to his parents and sisters between 1845 and 1848, were believed lost after the outbreak of World War II. After it emerged in 2003 that they still existed in a private collection, moves were made

Colonial kids had it tough

An analysis of colonial doctors' letters show that colonial kids had it rough. Forget childhood obesity and behavioral problems. Little ones in the 17th Century met colorful ends from eating poisonous beans, falling off wharves and the vague “failure to thrive,” according to Dr. Howard A. Pearson's analysis

Stolen Descartes letter found and returned

A letter written by Rene Descartes which was stolen in the 19th century has been found, via Google, in a library in the United States. "I am, of course, a bit amazed at what a simple search at home from your home computer late at night can bring about," Erik-Jan

A rare Pony Express artifact

The Smithsonian has posted an interesting article about a rare Pony Express artifact that took two years to reach its destination. In 1860, an ill-fated Pony Express rider, whose name has been lost to history, was crossing the trackless wastes of Nevada when he vanished, likely killed by Indians. Two