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Stone Age skeletons found in Sahara desert

Twenty skeletons dating back between 8,000 and 4,200 years ago have been found at a rock shelter in the Sahara desert in Libya. It must have been a place of memory," said study co-author Mary Anne Tafuri, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge. "People throughout time have kept it, and

Using war to steal artifacts

Wired has posted an interesting article about the theft of priceless artifacts from the National Commercial Bank of Benghazi in Libya last year. The treasure was kept mostly in two wooden chests, and locked away in a bank vault: thousands of coins, jewelry and figurines, some around 2,600 years old. For

Animals have free run of ancient Greek city

Goats, cows and sheep are running amok in the ancient Greek city of Cyrene in eastern Libya. ”We really want someone to look at tourism and for companies to invest. Most of the artifacts are still buried. Tourism has been neglected,” said unemployed Shahaat resident Hamdy Bzeiwi, who has seen little

Ancient Roman city found off coast of Libya

The remains of a Roman city, dating back to the 2nd century A.D., have been found underwater, off the coast of Libya. The discovery took place on the Cape of Ras Eteen on the western side of Libya's Gulf of Bumbah, as archaeologists were searching the area for shipwrecks and the

Horde of Roman coins restored

A horde of 108,000 Roman coins discovered in Libya have undergone resoration. The coins were found in 1981 and were in such poor condition that it was only due to recent technological advances that they were able to be restored now. Now Italy's Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (ITABC)

Smugglers loot Libya’s ruins

Looting of the Roman cities in Libya has run rampant since the country opened to the West in 2003. “There’s been an explosion in looting all over the Mediterranean, but in North Africa it’s really becoming quite a problem,” said Gaetano Palumbo, the North Africa programme director for the World Monuments