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Tom found at El Parasiso in Peru

The tomb of a woman and a ceramic figure have been found at El Paraiso, the oldest known site in Lima, Peru. The skeleton was found beneath food residues which were estimated to be 3,500 years old, a few centuries after the construction of El Paraiso during the Pre-Ceramic Period. “In completing

1,000-year-old dog remains found in Peru

The remains of over 100 dogs, buried with their owners, have been unearthed at the Maranga Archaeological Complex in Lima, Peru. Sixty-two complete canine remains were found along with seventy-five incomplete remains according to Peru’s El Comercio.  All the dog skeletons were found in resting positions alongside human remains.  The dogs

Eleven intact Pre-Inca tombs uncovered in Peru

Eleven tombs belonging to the Lima and Yschma cultures have been at the National Sports Village near Lima, Peru. Archaeologist Fernando Herrera, head of the project, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that three sets of remains were determined to belong to the Lima culture, which developed between A.D. 200 and

Pre-Inca sites in Lima at risk due to city growth

The rapid expansion of Lima, Peru, is putting hundred of pre-Inca archaeological sites at risk of being destroyed by construction. There is no registry that keeps track of the huacas -- which comes from the Quechua word "wak'a" meaning sacred place -- but archeologists say more than 300 of the adobe

Four 1,150-year-old Peruvian mummies found in Lima

The mummified bodies of a woman and three children have been found at an ancient burial site in Lima, Peru. The preserved bodies are believed to be the remains of an elite woman and three children, one of which may have been sacrificed. All came from the Wari, or Huari,