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Lion statues unearthed in Fayoum, Egypt

A pair of limestone lion statues have been unearthed at the Soknopaios Temple in Fayoum, Egypt. The lion statues are skillfully carved of limestone and were presumably used to decorate the entrance gate of the temple. Mohamed Ibrahim, Antiquities Minister, describes the discovery as interesting, as it confirm that the temple was

Limestone coffins found in the Philippines

Archaeologists working in the Philippines have unearthed coffins carved out of limestone in a 1,000-year-old village. The discovery of the rectangular tombs, which were carved into limestone outcrops jutting from the forest ground, is important because it is the first indication that Filipinos at that time practiced a more advanced burial

Painted limestone blocks unearthed in Egypt

Hundreds of painted limestone blocks once used in the construction of a temple have been uncovered in Egypt. Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass said that early studies on site revealed that these blocks were dismantled and reused in the construction of edifices during the Late Ancient Egyptian period and

Khufu’s solar boat removed from tomb

A solar boat designed to carry King Khufu to the afterlife has been removed from its limestone tomb. In 2008, the Japanese team from Waseda University led by archaeologist Sakuji Yoshimura inserted a tiny camera through a hole in the chamber’s limestone ceiling to transmit video images of the boat onto

19th-century industrial kilns in danger of being torn down

There kilns in Indiana from the 19th century, used to burn limestone into lime, are in danger of being torn down to make way for a sub-division. The three kilns date to the 19th century, remnants of an industry that burned limestone into lime and shipped it to cities along the