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Medieval wall found in East Midlands

Construction workers in England's East Midlands have uncovered part of a medieval wall. Archaeologist, Leigh Brocklehurst, said: “Our initial excavation work has unearthed a wall which looks to be Medieval or earlier. Nearby on the site we have also started to uncover what is essentially a cross section in time; behind

Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus opened after 1,000 years

An intact Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus has been opened, revealing the remains of a wrapped body wearing leather boots. "The first step was to take a 3D scan of the coffin itself," says Mary Powell, the programme manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund-backed Lincoln Castle Revealed project, which will eventually lead to a

How salt was made 2,000 years ago

Here is a cool video from the BBC explaining how salt was made 2,000 years ago in Lincolnshire. Archaeologists have been unearthing the story of a 2,000-year-old salt making site on the Lincolnshire fens. Artefacts such as pottery, hair pins and tools have been found by volunteers at Willow Tree Fen, near