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Lion statues unearthed in Fayoum, Egypt

A pair of limestone lion statues have been unearthed at the Soknopaios Temple in Fayoum, Egypt. The lion statues are skillfully carved of limestone and were presumably used to decorate the entrance gate of the temple. Mohamed Ibrahim, Antiquities Minister, describes the discovery as interesting, as it confirm that the temple was

Thracian Lion head found in Bulgarian cave

A Thracian lion head, carved out of stone, has been found in a Cave in Bulgaria. It was German ornithologists who initially discovered the sculpture, local media inform. They stumbled upon the artifact while studying the behavior of local birds and subsequently handed it over to Bulgarian experts. The sculpture has been

Divers discover gilded bronze lion head off Italian coast

Recreational divers diving off the coast of Calabria have discovered a gilded bronze. One of the divers who made the discovery said there may be a ship and other important artifacts there as well. "When I went into the water, I saw a statue that was stuck between the rocks and a

Life-sized Hittite lion sculptures found in Turkey

Two life-sized lion sculptures, made by the Hittites, have been found in Turkey. Now archaeologists are trying to figure out what they were for. One idea is that the statues, created between 1400 and 1200 B.C., were meant to be part of a monument for a sacred water spring, the researchers

Monumental gate complex unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists in southeastern Turkey have unearthed a 3,000-year-old monumental gate complex adorned with stone sculptures, including a beautifully carved lion. "The lion is fully intact, approximately 1.3 metres in height and 1.6 metres in length. It is poised in a seated position, with ears back, claws extended and roaring," says Timothy

Study shows two man-eating lions consumed 35 people in 1898

Scientists have determined that the two lions which terrorized railway workers in Africa in 1898 killed 35 people, not 135 as rumoured. Scientists hoping to figure out the actual number of people eaten decided to study the remains of the two male lions, now on display at the Field Museum of