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9 inventions that make Leonardo da Vinci look like a supervillain

Yesterday I posted about Leonardo da Vinci's resume, which showed him to be a superior weapons designer. has compiled a list which details nine of his crazier inventions; things like submarines, flying machines, machine guns, cluster bombs, and a scythe chariot (pictured above). Sure, Leonardo da Vinci created some great

The 6 stupidest things ever done with historic treasures

We've done some pretty stupid things with some priceless historical treasures. has compiled a list. #5 Mummies Used as Firewood We typically think of mummies as dead Pharaohs, but just about anybody could buy a mummification option with their funeral plan back then. In fact, many would save up for their

Top ten archaeology finds of 2009

National Geographic has compiled a list of the top ten archaeology finds of 2009. 10. "Extraordinary" Ancient Skeletons Found Several graves dating as far back as the early Stone Age—complete with the dog-tooth jewelry and sitting woman seen in these pictures—were discovered during extensive digs in central Germany, archaeologists announced this fall. 9.

List of British prisoners of war found buried in Auschwitz bunker

A list containing the names of 17 British soldiers has been discovered in a bunker at the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is puzzling researchers because they have no idea why it was there. The document is a piece of white celluloid with 17 surnames handwritten in pencil in block letters, while