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Neolithic longhouse uncovered in Denmark

Traces of a 4,000-year-old longhouse has been found at a construction site in Denmark. “It proved to be a gigantic farmhouse from the Late Neolithic Period. Up until now, we’ve only seen four farmhouses of this size from this period,” said Jens Johannsen, an archaeologist from Roskilde Museum. “The house is nearly

Viking longhouse found in central Reykjavik

Traces of A viking longhouse which date back 900 years, have been found in central Reykjavik. Archaeologists digging on Lækjargata in central Reykjavik were looking for traces of a farm cottage built in 1799 – and found a Viking longhouse from some 900 years earlier. The longhouse is at least 20 m

Rare Viking relic found in Perthshire longhouse

A rare spindle whorl has been found during a dig at a Viking-age longhouse in Perthshire, Scotland. David Strachan, of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust explained the possible significance of the find. He said: “Through the ages spindle whorls have often been covered in abstract shapes and the spinning action would bring

Longhouse foundations found in Wales

Archaeologists have unearthed the tree trunk foundations of a longhouse in Monmouth, Wales. Monmouth Archaeology, which found the wooden foundations, said they dated to at least the Bronze Age, but could be early Neolithic, about 6,500 years old. It said the pyramids were built about 4,500 years ago. Steve Clarke of Monmouth Archaeology,