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Ancient “mural tomb” discovered in China

A well-preserved tomb dating back 1,500 years and richly decorated in colourful murals has been uncovered in China. The domed tomb's murals, whose original colors are largely preserved, was discovered in Shuozhou City, about 200 miles (330 kilometers) southwest of Beijing. Researchers estimate that the murals cover an area of about

Egyptian sphinx statue recovered by Italian police

Police in Italy have recovered a 2,000-year-old Egyptian sphinx statue which was looted from the Etruscan necropolis of Montem Rossulum. "The investigation began with a random check of an industrial vehicle during which police found a decorative ceramic object from an excavation as well as many photos of the Egyptian sculpture,"

Germany returns looted artifacts to Afghanistan

This week Germany returned some ancient artifacts that were looted from Afghanistan's National Museum during their civil war. "This is a masterpiece ... I am optimistic that in the future we will get the other artefacts back," said Omara Khan Massoudi, the director of Afghanistan's National Museum, which housed the sculpture

Ancient golden monkey head returned to Peru

A golden monkey head which was looted from a Moche tomb in 1987 has been returned to the Peruvian government. US Attorney Charles Oberly's office announced Thursday a gold monkey head, made by the Moche people around 300 AD, was stolen in 1987 by robbers raiding the royal tombs in northern

Minneapolis museum to return looted vase

The Minneapolis Institute of Art has announced that it will be returning an ancient Greek vase back to Italy after discovering that it was a looted artifact. Officials at the Minneapolis museum had told the Times in 2005 that one of its six ancient vases, or kraters, appeared to match a photo seized

Looted Bronze Age burial cairn found in Scotland

A 4,000-year old burial cairn, robbed of its treasures in the past, has been found near the site of a proposed nuclear waste site. A large ancient burial cairn has been uncovered at the site of a proposed £100m nuclear waste dump.But archaeologists found no remains in the cairn or

Italian police show off recovered artifacts

Hundreds of looted ancient artifacts recovered by Italian police were displayed in the Colosseum on Friday. The 337 pieces displayed in the ancient Roman arena include vases, bronze tools and marble statues of Venus, some dating as far back as the 8th century B.C.Police said the pieces are worth some

British Library to returned looted 12th-century book

A 12th-century missal, looted during WWII from a cathedral in Italy is set to be returned. The Benevento Missal, which was stolen from a cathedral in southern Italy soon after the Allies bombed the city during the Second World War, has been in the collection of the British Library (formerly the