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Two arrested in Greece after police find golden wreath

Two men, a retired policeman and a house painter, have been arrested on suspicion of antiquities smuggling after police found a golden wreath and an armband in their car. The suspects were stopped by highway police near the village of Asprovalta, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Thessaloniki late Thursday.

Looters caught red handed stealing Egyptian relief panel

Security guards in the Selsela mountain quarries in Aswan, Egypt walked in on four men attempting to steal an ancient relief panel that depicts the fourth ruler of the 19th Dynasty, King Merenptah. Abdel Hamid Maarouf, the head of Egyptian Antiquities Sector, said the work, which measures 120 centimeters by 90

Italy saves 16,000 artifacts from eBay

Italian police have seized over 16,000 artifacts after investigating 70 people for illegally looting and selling their finds on eBay. The investigation began when the police found an eBay announcement in 2009 and they tracked down a father and son team of tomb raiders in a village in Calabria in southern

Beachcombers loot original Fort Lauderdale

Archaeologists are worried that beachcombers have looted valuable artifacts from the original Fort Lauderdale, built during the Second Seminole War. Although there are two signs marking the area as the site of a fort built by Maj. William Lauderdale during the Second Seminole War, there are no signs warning visitors not

Turkey asks for artifacts back from U.S. museums

The government of Turkey has requested the return of dozens of artifacts from various museums in the United States. The J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Cleveland Museum of Art and Harvard University's Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection are among the institutions

Roman statues recovered in Spain

Two first century bronze statues about to be sold on the black market have been recovered by police in Jaen, Spain. The Roman figures, valued at six million euros each, were taken from the ancient Roman site of Sacilis Marcialis and are believed to form part of the Castor and Polix

Turkey claims ownership of sarcophagus

An inventory check conducted by Swiss customs officials turned up an ancient sarcophagus. Now Turkey is claiming ownership. The Journal des Arts stated that since the Swiss law on customs was reinforced in 2009 โ€“ following the discovery of 200 ancient Egyptian pieces in 2003 and the updated trafficking of diamonds

Greek economic crises forces artifacts underground

Due to lack of funding caused by the economic crises in Greece, archaeologists have been forced to rebury valuable discoveries which make their vulnerable to looting. Tiverios recently persuaded the culture ministry to rebury a previously-unknown Early Christian basilica, found two years ago during work on Thessaloniki's new underground railway. "Let us