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37 Iron Age tombs found in Greece

37 tombs dating back to the Iron Age have been found near the ancient Macedonian capital of Pellas.Discoveries at the site included a bronze helmet with a gold mouthplate, with weapons and jewellery, in the tomb of a warrior from the 6th century BC. A total of 37 new tombs

Ancient glass vessels found in Macedonia

A range of glass vessels dating back to the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century and a unique vessel from the Bronze Age have been found in Macedonia. In addition to the find from the Bronze Age, the most significant of the latest finds at the

The largest cache of Byzantine coins found in Macedonia

Archaeologists have uncovered the largest cache of Byzantine gold and silver coins ever discovered in Macedonia. In the chest, archaeologists found 44 gold coins and 76 Venetian coins, dating to the thirteenth century, or the Byzantine Era. This is the most significant archaeological find at the Skopje Fortress, along with

Evidence of ancient austerity found in Macedonian graves

Graves recently excavated in Macedonia show that funeral offerings were dramatically scaled back from gold to clay, probably by Royal decree. The graves in Pydna, a prominent city in the ancient Macedonian kingdom elevated to fame by Alexander the Great, contained gold jewels, elaborate vases and ivory-plated beds in

First century Roman sculpture fragments found

Fragments of a Roman sculpture showing a man's face and torso have been found in central Macedonia. The discoveries, found at the temple building which has been undergoing archaeological excavations, are rare and important, as they will shed light on the life of people during that period, archaeologist Silvana Blahzevska,

Ancient re-interred remains found in Greece

A lavish burial site has been found in the ancient Macedonian capital of Aigai. The find in the ruins of Aigai came a few meters (yards) from last year's remarkable discovery of what could be the bones of Alexander the Great's murdered teenage son, according to one expert. Archaeologists are puzzled because

Bronze ring gifted to Museum of Macedonia anonymously

An anonymous package containing a child's bronze ring dating back to the end of the 12th century was sent to the Museum of Macedonia. The ring, mailed from the Czech city of Plze?, was accompanied by a letter, written in English and typed on a computer. According to the Vesti newspaper,

Seventeen tombs found in Macedonia

Seventeen tombs dating from the 5th century have been found in southwestern Macedonia. In one tomb, archaeologists found bones of a 15-year-old girl with a unique funeral mask made up of thin gold eye-covers, gold plate for the mouth and a plaque with an engraved sun placed on her chest. "This kind