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Fossil of vegetarian crocodile found

The 80-million-year old fossil of a vegetarian crocodile has been found on the island of Madagascar. The four-foot-long creature possessed grazer's teeth, a tank-like body and a short stubby tail. Most likely, they lived lives more like an armadillo's than a conventional crocodile's. Dubbed Simosuchus clarki, the species was first

Animals “rafted” to Madagascar

The ancestors of Madagascar's ring-tailed lemurs, flying foxes, and other mammals washed upon the island aboard natural rafts. The model supports a 70-year-old theory that mainland mammals from southeastern Africa "rafted" to the island on large logs or floating carpets of vegetation after being swept out to sea during storms. The ancient

Prehistoric pygmy sea cow discovered in Madagascar

The remains of an extinct pygmy sea cow have been found on the island of Madagascar. Known from a roughly 40-million-year-old skull and a few ribs, the new species has been named Eotheroides lambondrano, after the Malagasy word for dugong, which translates to "water bushpig." At about seven feet (two meters)

Skulls of ancient hippos shed light on size of Hobbit’s brain

Scientists have discovered, by examining the skulls of extinct Madagascan hippos, that dwarfed mammals on islands evolved much smaller brains in relation to their body size. Basically, the 'Hobbits' found on Flores may have had tiny brains because they lived on an island. “The discovery of a small fossil human from