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Evidence of malaria parasites found on Roman teeth

Genetic evidence for the presence of malaria has been found on ancient Roman teeth. While historical written sources allude to fevers resembling malaria killing people in the ancient Greece and Roman Empires, it was not clear whether plasmodium parasites were to blame, or the type of illnesses that struck these ancient

Malaria test developed for ancient human remains

Scientists have developed a test for ancient human remains to determine if the deceased had Malaria. A Yale University scientist has developed a promising new method to identify malaria in the bone marrow of ancient human remains. It is the first time researchers have been able to establish a diagnostic, human

German researchers says King Tut died from a blood disorder

Recently it was reported that Tutankhamun died from malaria, but a team of researchers believe he was probably killed by a genetic blood disorder: sickle cell disease. That examination, involving DNA tests and computerised tomography (CT) scans on Tutankhamun's mummy, said he died of malaria after suffering a fall, putting

DNA shows King Tut was disabled, malarial and inbred

A new DNA study has shown that Tutankhamun was disabled, inbred, and died of malaria. The report is the first DNA study ever conducted with ancient Egyptian royal mummies. It apparently solves several mysteries surrounding King Tut, including how he died and who his parents were. "He was not