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Remains of 200-year-old pub found in Manchester

An excavation ahead of some construction work in Manchester has led to the discovery of the remains of a 200-year-old pub. Archaeologists made the discovery of untouched bottles of booze and personalised crockery containing the former landlord’s name. The find came during work to prepare for the building of a 13-storey skyscraper

Manchester construction reveals Victorian slum

Construction work in Manchester has unearthed the 19th century homes of Angel Meadow, Manchester's filthiest slum. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, this small area on a slope off Miller Street in the city centre had more than 20,000 inhabitants and was described as ‘hell on earth’ by the social

The 7 most impressive libraries ever

The News in Print blog has compiled a list of the seven most impressive libraries from through history. Another early library was the Celsus Library in Ephesus, built in 110 A.D. by the Council Gaius Julius Aquila. The library became one of the largest collections of antiquity, storing an estimated 12,000