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Partying WWII POW camp excavated in Canada

Archaeologists in Canada have been working to excavate the Whitewater POW camp in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park. "I found four guys living who were interned at Whitewater and all four of them said it was awesome," said Myers. In part, soldiers were just delighted to be off the front lines. But,

Explorer David Thompson’s lost trading post found

Archaeologists in Manitoba, Canada, have found explorer David Thompson's first trading post. Two little piles of stones surrounded by scrub pine in northern Manitoba may have given archeologists and historians a physical link to one of North America's greatest explorers and map-makers. Archeologist Perry Blomquist believes the rocks at Sipiwesk Lake on

80-million-year-old fish fossil found in Manitoba

The fossilized remains of an 80-million-year-old predatory fish are being dug out of an ancient seabed in Manitoba, Canada. Paleontologists cleaning the specimens gathered from one of the sites found a set of massive xiphactinus jawbones locked on piece of flipper belonging to a mosasaur — a marine reptile. The