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1,200-year-old Egyptian text describes shape-shifting Jesus

A newly deciphered Egyptian text which dates back 1,200 years says that Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek to identify him because he was always changing shape. Written in the Coptic language, the ancient text tells of Pontius Pilate, the judge who authorized Jesus' crucifixion, having dinner with Jesus before his

Ancient Jewish manuscripts found in Afghanistan cave

A collection of ancient Jewish manuscripts found in caves in a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan are the first evidence that a Jewish community thrived in the area a thousand years ago. Genizah, a Hebrew term that loosely translates as "storage," refers to a storeroom adjacent to a synagogue or Jewish cemetery

Ancient Sinai manuscripts being digitized

Researchers at the Sacred and Imperial Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount of Sinai are working to digitize the library's collection of ancient manuscripts, hoping to reveal lost texts in the process. The image he has paused to appreciate is one of a steady stream coming from the room next door, where

Jesus’ great grandmother revealed in medieval manuscript

According to a 14th-century Florentine manuscript, Jesus' great grandmother was a woman named Ismeria. Lawless studied the St. Ismeria story, which she said has been "ignored by scholars," in two manuscripts: the 14th century "MS Panciatichiano 40" of Florence's National Central Library and the 15th century "MS 1052" of

Real Da Vinci code found in France

A coded manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci has been found in a public library in Nantes, France. The document was found after a journalist came across a reference to it in a Leonardo biography, the library said.It was among 5,000 manuscripts donated by wealthy collector Pierre-Antoine Labouchere in 1872 and

Previously unknown Vivaldi sonatas found in archive

Two previously known sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi have been found in a 270-year-old collection of manuscripts. The works, thought to have been written for amateur musicians, were found in a 180-page portfolio after it was donated to the Foundling Museum in London. One of the rediscovered compositions will be performed

14th century King Arthur manuscript to be sold

A 14th century manuscript, containing the oldest surving account of the legends of King Arthur, is expected to bring in more than $3 million when it hits the auction block next month. More than 200 cows would have been needed to produce the vellum sheets for the three hefty volumes