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Maori stones hold clues to Earth’s magnetic fields

Researchers are examining the stones found in ancient Maori ovens to study how the Earth's magnetic field has changed over the past 10,000 years. Abandoned stones at these locations could shed light on Earth's magnetic behaviour going back hundreds of years. "We have very good palaeomagnetic data from across the world recording

DNA analysis reveals more about Maori settlement

DNA found in the teeth of the first known New Zealanders has been examined to shed some light on how Polynesia was settled. The researchers ground the teeth to a fine powder and dissolved the powder to release mitochondrial DNA. After being purified, the DNA was sequenced using a new technology

Heavy rain leads to discovery of Maori remains

Heavy rains in New Zealand have lead to the discovery of old Maori bones at Anzac Bay in New Zealand. Western Bay of Plenty District Council's manager of reserves and facilities Peter Watson said police had been to the site, along with council staff, local Maori and a Historic Places Trust

600-year-old Maori settlement discovered

The remains of a Maori settlement which dates back 600 years has been found during construction in Christchurch, New Zealand. The work found evidence of early Maori occupation dating back about 600 years, including earth ovens (hangi) and the remains of cooked food including shellfish, seals, dogs, and moas. A bead made

800-year-old stone tool found underneath demolished post office

An 800-year-old stone adze has been found at the location of an ancient Maori village underneath a demolished post office in New Zealand. Because of the nature of the soil at the post office site, no evidence of wooden structures, including waka, remained as they would have rotted, Couch said. However, the

Mummified Maori head to be returned to New Zealand

France is returning to New Zealand the mummified head of a tattooed Maori warrior that has been sitting in a museum in Rouen since 1875. French museum officials say they have no idea how the "toi moko" - which is intricately tattooed and has one damaged eye socket - came to

France to return mummified Maori heads to New Zealand

France is set to return 16 tattooed and mummified Maori heads to New Zealand. For years New Zealand has sought the return of Maori heads kept in collections abroad, many of which were obtained by Westerners in exchange for weapons and other goods. Dozens of museums worldwide, though not all,

Tourist slammed over breaking into protected Maori site

A German tourist has been slammed after breaking into a protected Maori site in New Zealand and posting photographs online. The tourist posted online pictures of her visit to Maerewhenua Maori rock art site in South Canterbury in which she climbed around protective barriers, the Timaru Herald reported. Ngai