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Desecrated Mars figurine found in Bulgaria

A desecrated figurine depicting the god Mars has been found in the Early Byzantine city of Missionis in Bulgaria. The Mars figurine had its head, arms, and legs removed as part of an anti-pagan ritual, according to the Bulgarian archaeologists. “This is a way in which the owner of this figurine demonstrated

Sunken wreck of warship found off Swedish coast

The wreck of a warship which sank in 1564 has been found off the coast of Sweden. Historians believe the ship may be the Mars, the head of Erik XIV's fleet. "Everything suggests that it is indeed the Mars that we have found," Richard Lundgren, one of the divers, said in

Charles Darwin’s ecological experiment

200 years ago Charles Darwin changed the face of Ascension Island in a unique ecological experiment that could hold the secret to colonizing Mars. Ascension was an arid island, buffeted by dry trade winds from southern Africa. Devoid of trees at the time of Darwin and Hooker's visits, the little

The first TV image of Mars was made with crayons

The first broadcast image of Mars was actually made with crayons, coloured according to data breamed back from the Mariner 4. At 03:13:04 UT signal was reacquired. All systems were nominal, cruise mode was re-established, and transmission of the images started 8.5 hours later. It lasted until August 3. The people at