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Bones of Mary Rose sailors analysed

Raman spectroscopy has been used to analyze the bones of sailors on Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose. The sailors’ bones were analysed with Raman spectroscopy, a pioneering, non-destructive laser technology, to identify evidence of bone disease. The application of Raman spectroscopy to the study of bone diseases in historical populations

Divers return to the Mary Rose

Divers have returned to the Tudor wreck of the Mary Rose, which sank during battle in 1545. Coinciding with the anniversary of the new Mary Rose Museum, divers placed a datalogger on the seabed and a high-tech buoy on the surface of the water, beaming back information to scientists via satellite. “Everything

Mary Rose crew remains to undergo DNA analysis

Researchers are hoping to uncover the identities of some of the skeletal remains found on board the sunken Mary Rose. Scientists have begun work to extract DNA from the bones that were found on board the Tudor warship when it was raised from the bottom of The Solent 30 years ago. They

Mary Rose cannonballs had iron cores

An analysis of lead cannonballs found in the sunken wreckage of Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose, has revealed that they had cores made out of iron, suggesting that they could be some of the world's earliest examples of armour-piercing projectiles. The cannonballs would have worked much like a modern-day armour-piercing

Remains of elite archers identified on the Mary Rose shipwreck

Researchers have identified a company of elite archers that perished aboard the Mary Rose by looking for evidence of repetitive strain in their shoulders and spines. Alexzandra Hildred, the curator of ordnance at the Mary Rose Trust, has said the injuries could be the result of “shooting heavy longbows regularly”. "Many of

Study of Mary Rose skeletons shows archery took a toll on the body

Researchers examining the skeletons of archers found on the sunken Mary Rose have found that the heavy longbows physically affected them in dramatic ways. "It is known that archers were on board as 'arm guards' that they used were found. But they don't know which skeletons they would be. "So we are

Sea dog from the Mary Rose goes on display

The skeleton of a mongrel who went down with the Mary Rose on July 19, 1545 has been pieced together. The dog, now preserved as an almost complete canine skeleton, acquired the nickname Hatch after divers discovered her remains near the sliding hatch door of the Mary Rose’s carpenter’s

Mary Rose crew member’s face recreated

The face of a crew member from the Mary Rose has been created by forensic artists working off of his skull. Archaeologists believe the man was a Bosun because he was found with the emblem of this comparatively senior status, a Bosun's call - a whistle. There are many theories about why