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18th-century shipwreck found in Maryland river

The wreckage of an 18th century vessel has been found in the Nanticoke River in Maryland. The crew notified SHA’s archaeologists who found that an intact keel, frames and other ship timbers had been lifted from the river and placed on the construction barge. The team transferred the shipwreck to the

Slave quarters unearthed at Maryland plantation

The remains of slave housing has been unearthed at Belvoir, an 19th-century plantation in Maryland. The original structure apparently contained a kitchen and was used by the slaves serving in the plantation house. "There was a large front room with a kitchen hearth for cooking, meals and socializing," said Julie Schablitsky, chief

Slave quarters found at Maryland plantation

The brick floor of a large slave quarters has been found at the plantation home of Francis Scott Key's grandmother, in Maryland. County Archaeologist Al Luckenbach said the finding differs from other known slave quarters. “It’s a very unusual size for a slave quarter,” Luckenbach said. “Most slave quarters are small things.

1662 St. Francis Xavier chapel found in Maryland

A team of archaeologists working in Maryland have found postholes they believe belongs to the original St. Francis Xavier chapel which was built in 1662 by Jesuit missionaries. Last year a pair of archaeologists said they believed they had narrowed in on the site of a 1662 Catholic chapel in Compton. But

Dinosaur bone unearthed at Native American site

A dinosaur bone has been unearthed in Maryland, and may have been heated up, along with other rocks, to help the Native Americans at the Pig Point site cook their food. “The Native Americans cooked in clay pots. But if you put a clay pot on the fire it would crack

Archaeologists search for 17th century chapel in Maryland

Archaeolgists in Maryland are looking for a Roman Catholic chapel which was built in 1662. On April 1, the team found broken glass and wrought nails. In addition, “we might have a structural post hole,” Lawrence said April 2. Pieces of glass showed where the lead panes intersected and, based on that,

Lost 17th century Maryland fort found

The lost Zekiah Fort, built by Governor Charles Calvert in 1680, has been found by archaeologists in Maryland. Five weeks of digging this spring and summer, led by St. Mary's College of Maryland anthropologist Julia King, have turned up Indian pottery mixed with glass trade beads, arrowheads fashioned from English brass,

Maryland site continuously occupied for 10,000 years

A nearly 10,000-year-old stone hearth has been unearthed at Pig Point, Maryland. Now the hunt is on for pre-Paleo evidence of habitation. Claims of "pre-Paleo" discoveries elsewhere in the United States and South America have been enormously controversial among scientists. But at Pig Point, where deep, "layer cake" deposits with solid