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Remains of Roman temple found in England

The remains of a classical Roman temple has been found at the ancient Roman site of Maryport in Cumbria, England. “The rectangular temple is the most north-westerly classical temple in the Roman world to be discovered so far and dates from the 2nd century,” said Professor Ian Haynes, of Newcastle University,

Remains of Roman shop found near Hadrian’s Wall

The remains of six buildings, including what is believed to be a shop, have been uncovered during a dig at Roman Maryport near Hadrian's Wall. "The reason we think it may have been a shop is the fact there isn't a stone wall at the end facing the road. Instead, there

Altar dedicated to Jupiter found in England

Archaeologists working in Maryport, England, have uncovered a Roman altar that dates back 1,600 years. The excitement started soon after 9am on Wednesday when Mr Murray, 68, who was also responsible for finding a hoard of Roman coins a couple of years ago, was working in a pit previously excavated in