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LiDAR used to map colonial-era roads and farmsteads

Researchers working in Connecticut and Massachusetts are employing the use of LiDAR technology to map the colonial-era roads and farmsteads in the area. The airborne technology bounces laser light pulses off the ground to generate precise pictures of surface features. A quiet revolution in archaeology has resulted from LiDAR's advent, with

School kids unearth loaded gun during “Archaeology Day”

A group of 5th-graders in Massachusetts unearthed a loaded gun during a school “Archaeology Day” trip. At first Wendy Robinson thought it was a joke when one of the fifth-graders participating in this year’s archaeology day yelled “gun” while digging in the dirt near Main Street. She soon saw with her

Plymouth excavation unearth 30,000 artifacts

Over 30,000 artifacts dating back 1,000 years have been found during an excavation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. An excavation this summer in a small shed and nearby grounds on North Street has yielded more than 30,000 artifacts dating back 1,000 years. But the prized finds have been the bits and pieces that

WWII German U-Boat found off coast of Massachusetts

The remains of a German U-Boat, sunk 70 years ago in a naval battle, have been found off the coast of Massachusetts. [Thx to Chulian for the link!] The U-550 - located using side-scan sonar - is currently listing to its side in deep water approximately 70 miles south of Nantucket.

18th century wharf uncovered in Massachusetts

A wharf dating back to the late-1700s has been found unearth layers of mud in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Last June, as workers excavated portions of Newburyport’s Water Street for the city’s new waste-water operations building, they unearthed large, centuries-old slabs of granite. Based on maps and archaeological research, the giant rectangles of

1792 document found in 4th grade classroom

A teacher cleaning her 4th-grade classroom has discovered a yellowed document dating back to 1792 in a pile of outdated textbooks. Michelle Eugenio, a fourth-grade teacher in Peabody, Mass., found the yellowed sheet of paper two weeks ago. Dated April 1792 and protected by plastic, it appears to document the

Letter written by John Quincy Adams found

A letter written by the United State's sixth president, John Quincy Adams, has been found in a box in a Massachusetts city hall's basement. The letter, dated Sept. 8, 1826, outlines the burial wishes of his father, John Adams, the nation's second president. It was recently discovered by a city

300-year-old coin found in Massachusetts

A man in Massachusetts has found a coin in his backyard that is older than his town. "At first I wasn't sure what it was," Burgess said. "It didn't look so much like a coin, but like a brown wafer." Upon further study, Burgess noticed small markings: a crown, three lions, and