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Medieval castle found in Glasgow

Traces of Partick Castle have been found in Glasgow, Scotland. The lands of Partick were given to Glasgow Cathedral in 1136 by King David. It was believed to have subsequently become the country seat of the Bishops of Glasgow, with a fortified stone structure of some kind likely erected on the

Medieval church found in Wales

The remains of a medieval church have been uncovered on an island off the coast of Wales. The discovery was made by archaeologist Matt Jones during work to install a new electricity cable at St Ffinan’s Church, near Talwrn, Anglesey. The present church was built in 1841, but the excavation uncovered the

Medieval priory found on the island of Jersey

Archaeologists working on the island of Jersey in the UK have uncovered a stone wall which belongs to a medieval priory. "At the end of the investigation one of our trenches came up with a substantial stone wall while the one behind came up with a great mass of building rubble