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Scientists work to slow corrosion of ancient warship’s ram

Researchers are in a hurry to stop a buildup of sulphuric acid from eating away at an ancient warship's ram that was recovered from the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers are racing to find a way to slow the disintegration and perhaps, in the process, learn how to preserve other

Wreckage of WWII submarine found in Mediterranean Sea

A British World War II submarine that sank in the Mediterranean Sea 70 years ago has been found. On May 8, 1942, under the cover of darkness, the British submarine HMS Olympus (N35) was attempting to leave the British Naval Base in the Grand Harbor of Malta, a tiny island nation

Ancient shipwreck points to major Roman battle

The remains of a sunken Roman warship have been found in the Mediterranean Sea, possibly confirming the site of a major battle where Rome defeated Carthage. The shipwreck was found near the island of Levanzo, west of Sicily, which is where historical documents place the battle. In the summer of

Boy in Stonehenge burial grew up in Mediterranean

Tests performed on the 3,550-year-old remains of a teenager found near Stonehenge show he grew up around the Mediterranean Sea. The conclusions come from analysis of different forms of the elements oxygen and strontium in his tooth enamel. Analysis on a previous skeleton found near Stonehenge showed that that person

Mediterranean shipwrecks show transition to modern shipbuilding

The discovery of three shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea is revealing new details about the transition between medieval and modern shipbuilding.The remains of the three craft – all dating from between 1450 and 1600 – were found in the straits between Turkey and the Greek island of Rhodes. One ship