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4,000-year-old shipwreck found in the Mediterranean

A shipwreck found in the Mediterranean Sea which dates back 4,000 years is being hailed as one of the oldest shipwrecks in the world. Urla Port is one of Turkey’s rare underwater excavation sites. Professor Hayat Erkanal, the head of Limantepe excavations for the underwater ancient city of Klozemenai and director

Mediterranean settlers ate little seafood

An analysis of 20,000-year-old remains found in a cave on the island of Favignana in the Mediterranean has revealed that the first people to the area did not eat much of the bountiful seafood found in the are. “The source of the dietary protein consumed mainly originated from the meat of

11,000-year-old farming village unearthed in Cyprus

Archaeologists working in Cyprus have unearthed an ancient farming village which dates back 11,000 years. The oldest agricultural settlement ever found on a Mediterranean island has been discovered in Cyprus by a team of French archaeologists involving CNRS, the National Museum of Natural History, INRAP, EHESS and the University of Toulouse.

Marble Roman-era statues uncovered by Mediterranean storm

A Mediterranean storm caused the collapse of a cliff in southern Israel, revealing a Roman-era marble statue. "The big storm earlier this week caused the cliff to collapse and a statue from Roman times was found by a passer-by," said Yoli Schwartz, spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority. The white

Palaeolithic tools tell tale of ancient seafaring

130,000-year-old tools found on the Crete are pushing the history of seafaring back by more than 100,000 years. The oldest uncontested marine crossing until recently was from Indonesia to Australia, dating to perhaps 60,000 years ago and made by anatomically modern humans of our own species, Homo sapiens, although we now

Piece of Cleopatra’s palace lifted out of the Mediterranean Sea

Archaeologists in Egypt have lifted out of the harbour at Alexandria an ancient granite temple pylon from the palace complex of Cleopatra. Divers and underwater archeologists used a giant crane and ropes to lift the 9-ton, 7.4-foot-tall pylon from the murky waters Thursday. The tower was originally part of the entrance to

Restoration in Ephesus: The world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle

Restoration work is taking place on a Roman consul's house in the ancient city of Ephesus where the walls have been broken into 120,000 pieces, all being put back together one fragment at a time. The walls had sunk deep into the soil over time due to numerous earthquakes. The pieces

Phoenician replica readies for Mediterranean crossing

A team of 20 rowers aim to cross the Mediterranean Sea, from Turkey to France, in a replica Phoenician-style "bireme" ship. "It’s the most precise replica of the boats from that era possible. It was built from what was found during digs," said the boats captain, archeologist Osman Erkurt. The Kybele, whose