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First australians ate Megafauna eggs

Australia's first human inhabitants cooked and ate the cantaloupe-sized eggs of a large flightless bird 50,000 years ago. The first direct evidence that humans played a substantial role in the extinction of the huge, wondrous beasts inhabiting Australia some 50,000 years ago -- in this case a 500-pound bird -- has

Humans blamed for extinction of megafauna

A new study has concluded that the arrival of humans is to blame for the extinction of mammoths, mastodons and giant sloths. A new global look at the extinctions of large mammals over the past 130,000 years finds that the loss of species correlates more closely with the arrival of humans

Humans coexisted with megafauna in Florida

A recent study, examing the levels of rare earth elements in bones found in Vero Beach, Florida, has proven that humans coexisted with megafauna in the area. The discovery adds the far southeast corner of the United States to the list of places in North America where humans coexisted with massive

Ancient giant turtle driven to extinction by humans

Humans were responsible for driving an ancient giant species of turtle to extinction almost 3,000 years ago. It is one of the first cases that clearly shows that humans played a role in the demise of the giant, extinct animals known as "megafauna". An Australian research team discovered turtle leg