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New archaeological preserve saves megaliths from destruction

A new archaeological preserve has been formed in the Jordan Valley, sparing hundreds of millennial tombs from being destroyed by construction. According to the Department of Antiquities (DoA), a new protected area has been declared in the Damiya dolmen fields, an area home to hundreds of megalithic structures dating

Were ball bearings used to construct megaliths?

Mysterious balls found near a megalith in Scotland may be ball bearings used to transport the massive stones. About the size of a cricket ball, they are precisely fashioned to be within a millimetre of the same size. This suggests they were meant to be used together in some way

3,500-year-old megalith burial sites found in India

Remote sensing imagery has led to the discovery of two megalith burial sites in India which date back 3,500 years. Spread in an area of about 6-7 km, the megaliths can be of much historical importance and have potential of being converted into a heritage site. The megaliths were located

Dartmoor megaliths link to funeral rites

A new report in British Archaeology suggests that the Dartmoor megaliths may have been a site erected for funeral rites. Nine megaliths in a remote part of Dartmoor, England, share features in common with Stonehenge, and may shed light on the meaning behind these prehistoric stone monuments, according to a report

13 stone circles that aren’t Stonehenge

Stonehenge may be the most well-known stone circle in the world, but it certainly is not the only one. WebEcoist has compiled a list of 13 others which you may not know about. Lake Michigan Stonehenge: Lake Michigan, USA Just a stone’s throw away (or drop) from Beaver Island’s stone circle is