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Unhealthy levels of lead found in medieval remains

Researchers in Denmark have been working to analyze the lead and mercury levels in more than 200 medieval skeletons. "There really is a big difference in how much lead, the individuals from the cemeteries had in their bodies. This depended on whether they lived in the country or in a town.

Figurine of Roman God Mercury found in England

A 2,000-year-old figurine depicting the Roman God Mercury has been found in a field in North Yorkshire. The 1,000th officially recorded archaeological find of the year in Yorkshire is a mercurial one. Registered on May the 15th – the day of the festival of Mercury – a 2,000-year-old figurine of the

Liquid mercury found beneath Teotihuacan pyramid

Large quantities have been found in a chamber beneath the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. "It's something that completely surprised us," Gomez said at the entrance to the tunnel below Teotihuacan's Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent, about 30 miles (50 km) northeast of Mexico City. Some archeologists believe the toxic

Soil analysis leads to cause of death for 800-year-old remains

Elevated levels of Mercury found in the soil surrounding the remains of a child who died 800-years-ago in Denmark suggest that the 10-to-13-year-old ingested a large dose of Mercury the day before it died. "I cannot say which diseases the child had contracted. But I can say that it was exposed

16-century astronomer Tycho Brahe’s remains exhumed

Scientists have exhumed the remains of the 16th-century Danish astronomer in order to conclusively determine the cause of his death. His extraordinarily accurate stellar and planetary observations, which helped lay the foundations of early modern astronomy, are well known and documented, but mystery still surrounds his sudden death. It had