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Brewing 3,400-year-old Mesoamerican beer

The Edible Geography blog has posted a cool story about brewing 3,400-year-old Mesoamerican beer made with ingredients determined through chemical analysis of pottery fragments. Plain cacao alcohol is “an abundant liquor of the smoothest taste, between sour and sweet, which is of the most refreshing coolness,” according to early Spanish

How the Mesoamericans perfected rubber manufacturing

Apparently the Mesoamericans perfected the process of rubber production to the point that they could vary the quality for different uses. New research from MIT indicates that not only did these pre-Columbian peoples know how to process the sap of the local rubber trees along with juice from a vine

2,700-year-old tomb found in pyramid in Mexico

A 2,700-year-old tomb has been found in what may be the oldest pyramid burial documented in Mesoamerica. The tomb held a man aged about 50, who was buried with jade collars, pyrite and obsidian artefacts and ceramic vessels. Archaeologist Emiliano Gallaga said the tomb dates to between 500 and 700BC.