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Life-size statue of Mesoamerican ball player unearthed

A statue of a Mesoamerican ball player has been unearthed by construction workers in Mexico. The 5-foot-4 inch tall sculpture dates to at least 1,000 years ago and portrays a bow-legged individual with his arms crossed. “We can say it is a ball player because of the attributes that this statue has,”

Mesoamerican sculpture found in southern Mexico

An ancient Mesoamerican sculpture of a figure with a raise arm and determined scowl has been unearthed in southern Mexico. "Usually sculptures are first seen by archaeologists in private art collections and we normally have no good idea where they came from. The depictions of figures and the motifs change in

Zapotec’s human thighbone sceptres

A new excavation of a Zapotec tomb is revealing that the practice of wielding ancestral thighbones as a sceptres may not have been limited to the ruling class. The burial excavated by Feinman at Mitla was extremely well-preserved, and had never been disturbed — except, that is, by someone who broke